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Parallel formula for Excel sumif in airtable for calculating sum for each customer

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Hello can any one help me for formula writing in airtable I have 2 table first have daily bases data and second is month6 data I have 48 customer list and daily I send any item from 7 types of item
Then I want auto sum for each customer row data of fist tabel total sum in second table in on row
Just I want parallel for sumif formula of excel in airtable please help

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For this, you’ll need your two tables to be linked together. If you haven’t already, add a Link to Another Record type field to one of your tables, and link each record in [Table 1] to a record in [Table 2]. Then, in [Table 2], add a Rollup type field. For the rollup’s settings, select the appropriate field from [Table 1] and use SUM(values) as the aggregation.