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4 - Data Explorer

I am creating a base to control the reservations of a parking lot. I have the seats and reservations created, but I can’t get Airtable to prevent me from reserving the same seat more than once in a day. I have only managed that if the place is already occupied, it does not offer it to me, but if the entry is on a future day, it continues to propose it as available.

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If you and your base collaborators are inputting records, you can use the Scheduler app. It allows you to select a “resource”, in this case “parking spaces”, and prevents you from selecting a time slot (or whole day) on a calendar that’s already taken.

^ If you’re reserving spaces using Form views or some other external source, then that app won’t help.

Good morning,

Thank you for the answer.

The thing is that my table is for an hotel parking, the table I haver now, when I book a parking place for february the 10th till february the 17th (for exemple Place nº1) and then I want to book another place for february the 9th till february ther 12th, the table gives me Place nº 1 still as available. And it should not.

Don’t know how to do it. Hope you could help

Thank you

Best wishes