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Parsing Linked Records Across Multiple Columns with Existing Tags

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In my first table, I have Projects: A, B, C. They are single select tagged as Locations 1, 2, 3. They are tagged with Persons (a Linked Table).

In my second (Linked) table, Persons. All the Projects are automatically combined into one column.

Users will input data in the first table. In the second table, I need each Location to be a column header, so that each Project is parsed across those location columns.

In short, I need the tags in the first table to be the column headers in the second table.

Help would be appreciated!

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So you have these tables:

  • Projects, with fields Locations (Single Select), Persons (Linked Record)
  • Persons, with fields Projects (Linked Record)

What you mean?

I think you need a third table for Locations, why you didn’t make it?

Your terms does not make sense to me (tags, columns headers, etc). You have to explain your use case, which “thing” belongs to another. A Person lives in a Location? A project is made in a Location? Then you make the logic relations with Linked Records, and then you can show data from other tables via Lookups and Rollups.

Hi @Tim_Miano,

As @Elias_Gomez_Sainz said, If you explain to us why you need it we can help you better.

The short answer is this cannot be done.


I appreciate the help. Here is my input table:

Staff can add locations.

In my mind, the visual I want to see is here:

People will looking though 100+ projects, and tagging locations. But then, they’ll need to see how the services parsed by the level tags.

You might need a different base design and input format to accomplish what you want. Take a look at the support documentation on many-to-many relationships and junction tables.