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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, Im currently testing the app to see if we can incorporate it to my company. My main issue is the way that data can be linked between tables. The “link to another record” opcion only let you choose by the name of the record, we often need to link by differentes parameters (other values of other columns with in that record). Pivot tables in excel or sheets are so useful becouse you can arrenge your data in the way you want and various values at a time, and link these results dynamiclly to another table. Pivot Tables app in AirTable dosent work like that, only let you summarize a couple of values and I cannot find the way of link these results to another table.

For example, I have 1000 records named with the client username with information about age, nacionality, gender, real name, number of entrys, etc etc. Sometimes I need summarize how male users are, sometimes by their age, sometime by the name (how many “Carlos”?), by an averege of their age related by the nationality, etc etc. I can do that (ish) with a pivot tables but only one at a time and the data resulted is only there, static. If I add another 500 users, I must do all again and copy/paste that data to where I want. These waste the time saved with all other great function of AirTable.

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