Please help... calculated column based on column multiple choice selections (from the same table)

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4 - Data Explorer

I am hoping someone can offer a suggestion on the formula needed to create a calculated column based the following:

I have a column named: Project Tasks include

The following options are multiple choice selections for the above mentioned column
SFDC Campaign
Eloqua Campaign
Landing Page
iConnect (Landing Page)
Educational Webinar
AFSC Presentation

Based on the selection of the choices selected above, in the same table, I’d like to create an “Assigned To” calculated column, so as soon as any of these items above are selected, the “assigned to” column will automatically populate with a specific name (or specific names) of whom is responsible for the selected task or tasks.

Can anyone offer guidance?

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To can use a SWITCH() statement, like so:

   {Project Tasks},
   “SFDC Campaign”, “So-and-so”,
   “Hero, e-communication”, “Such-and-such”,
   ... and so on

For each combination of options, you’d need to make sure that if it’s multiple tasks being chosen, they are chosen in the same order each time (ie, “Hero”, THEN “e-commerce”), or else define both combinations in the SWITCH statement and assign each combination to the same person.

Excellent… thank you! I will use this switch statement today! Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: