Possibility to Create record duplicate in selected Table base on Condition

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all.

May I check if the following is possible with Airtable and in-built Automation.

Trying to use a Main table input to create a new record into a new table. However it will be created in a “selected” existing table base on Input field condition. E.g. IF “Group1” THEN Create at Table1, IF “Group2” THEN Create at Table2

I asked the same question to support and they suggested Script approach as below.

" While our create record action is set to a specific table (making what you’re trying to do impossible for a single automation), you might be able to do what you’re looking to by building a rather complex [Run a script Action]. This is an advanced corner of Airtable – you’ll need knowledge of JavaScript to be successful here."

If this is true, was wondering what Script resource is needed to accomplish this.

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Hi @Zahir_A - you could just set up multiple automations:

  • If field = Group 1, create record in Table 1
  • If field = Group 2, create record in Table 2
  • etc, etc

Would this work? You could something with scripts, so that when field = “something”, then, based on the value, create it in the appropriate table, but unless you’re creating lots of records and running over your automation allowance, then multiple simple automations might be a good way to go.