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Prefilling a Check List into a Long Text Field

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I am trying to prefill a check list with the check boxes into a long text field, i.e. make prefill links for different maintenance reports as required.

I am trying to use a formula to generate this result.

Here is the code


This is the output:


  1. It is not showing the second paragraph / line
  2. The check box is not in its checkable form but rather its underlying raw text form.

I have then tried to prefill from a field already containing the correct structure of the check list and this solves issue 1. with the missing paragraph / new line spacing.

“?prefill_Notes=” & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Details / Task Breakdown})


But as you can see, Issue 2 still persists the check boxes are not immediately usable.

Any way of doing this? Thanks

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Bump, Anyone got any ideas?

Bump again, has anyone successfully found a workaround?