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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there, I am new to Airtable and loving the capability however I thought that it would be simple to display the table that I am creating with particular columns visible in a clear A4 printable document. It is proving impossible or I have to sign up to multiple apps just to do it that is way over budget for the few that I may have to do per month.

Basically I just need to print a table with columns visible and an image in each column for my business. It is to show clients what item they are having (for instance and oven) then a clickable link, some sizes/specs etc and then a tick box to approve. I have set it all up but cannot work out how to get this table to print to PDF that is legible and dynamic so the columns arent cutting off half of the images etc. I may only get 5 or 6 lines per page and the document may be around 30pages long, but I definitely need a print option.

Page Designer doesnt seem to be the right tool, unless I am mistaken?

I am also looking at solutions that can be embedded on my site. So if it can print from there great.

I need to be able to explain what the PDF is, have page numbers if possible otherwise I will just put line items on it. Then have my logo, the date and revision number on it.

Can anyone recommend how to do this? It seems like a simple standard request…

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Page designer definitely won’t help you here as it cannot handle multiple pages. You can make a page designer to a custom size though. So you could make the page say 10,000 pixels long so that the data never gets cut off. The downfall is that when you open the PDF it will consist of 1 super long page with no page breaks or page numbers.

Check out this base I designed. There is a reports table where you link the records you want to display in the report. Open the Apps panel and check out the page designer.

If that option still doesn’t help, I might have one other “work-around” utilizing page designer that would help.