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Hi Everyone,

I’m quite new to the Airtable community and have used Notion before.

So I’m building a project management tool for my company. For each project we always have the same steps to take to reach the final product. With the tool I want to calculate the deadlines for each step to take based on the kick-off date. That calculation part is already finished and works perfectly.

But now I wanted to duplicate my tasks to do (around 20) and just link them to another project and the steps themselves stay the same and also the time I need to do them. So it’s easy for my team to use this to know the final delivery date and the deadlines for each steps of the project.

When I do it simply duplicating the project, all my tasks are linked to both projects and it’s not that easy duplicating them… is there an easy way to it it instead of recreating every time all the steps with all “Times needed”?

Thanks already for your help! I hop to find a solution to this…

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It sounds like you will need to change the entire structure of your base.

Currently, your base is setup as a one-to-many relationship (2 tables), but you will actually need to create a many-to-many relationship (3 tables).

This is Airtable’s guide on many-to-many relationships — hopefully this will help guide you in the right direction:

Thanks Scott, I already used a kind of many to many linking.
Looking further into airtable this weekend I discovered the whole Scripting processes available and I think this is the thing I need. But thank you for your help!