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I’m trying to move from notion to airtable but I’m having a hard time with picture links.

I have one big list and this list contains some pictures links, in notion I just put the link and automatically show the picture but in airtable I can’t do this since I have more than 5k links I cannot copy and past one by one.

Does someone know some solution??? I really like airtable but I really need to use this function

in notion I just put the link and the magic happens!

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Welcome to the community, @CamdenJayce_CamdenJa!

You can write a custom JavaScript using the scripting block to convert your URLs into attachments.

Alternatively, if you don’t know JavaScript or don’t want to dive into JavaScript, this tool will do the same thing for you:

Oh, and I forgot to mention: You can also automate this with Integromat or Zapier as well.