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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all!

I added the pivot table extension to my base hoping I would be able to somehow extract the data I have it calculating (Avg. Weeks of Completion based on project category). Has anyone attempted this or found a way to do this? I am on the cusp of being able to use our already amazing workflow to project lead times of projects coming through based on recently completed projects. Any help would be appreciated!


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As far as I know that isn’t possible I’m afraid

If I were you, I would convert that project category field into a linked field to another table and calculate the average there so that I could use it

We could also use a script, but that may be more trouble than it’s worth here

Thanks for the info. The problem is that the data is ever changing and the linking fields and putting them to another table only gathers the data available at the time of creation.

Yeah, I would suggest you use an automation to keep the project category field and linked field in sync. Since rollup/lookup fields show the current cell value of the linked record all the time this usually solves the problem for me