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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello - have been using this tool for 24hrs and its great.
I am totally stumped on a few ways of solving what I think may be a simple process.

We are opening a microbrewery which will have an associated tap room.
The tables all seem simple except quantity values and here is why.

We have recipes that require stock taken from an inventory. Thats easy except, each recipe has different quantities. So, when we say, ok today we are making this beer, we need the ammounts by weight deducted from available stock. I can see how we can do all of this but some recipes have 15 ingredients, I want to avoid having 15 tables with the quantity of whats being deducted.

Similarly, we have the same with packaging. At the end of the process we have a volume of liquid. Say 1000 litres. We have 4 different kegs, 3 different bottles and other formats. We need to divide the 1000 by these different ammounts. Again, without getting stuck on having loads and loads of rows.

I can see a way both cases can be done but not without loads and loads of cells. That would somewhat make it not benenficial.

Any feedback on the obvious bit I think I am missing?

Many thanks,

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You might be able to adapt this base I made for recipes.

The base handles multiple recipes which use similar ingredients (i.e. 2 tsp of butter in Recipe A, 4 tbsp of butter in Recipe B). I don’t think it should take too much adjusting to get it closer to what you need in terms of inventory management.

The base below is a pretty simple inventory tracker I made. The corresponding tables would be [Meals] from the base above = [Orders] from the base below, and [Ingredients] = [Items].

So if you add an [Inventory] table to the recipe base, you could track the amounts of each ingredient you purchase, while your [Meals]/[Orders] table will track the outgoing/requested recipes, which determines how much of each ingredient is needed.

Take a look at those two bases and see if you think a combination of the two could get you close to what you need.

Actually, take a look at this base I just made:

Its a combination of several “starter” bases I’ve made for others in the past. It does what I talked about in my first reply: combining ingredient/recipe management with inventory tracking. It also has some tables set up relating to tracking customers and orders.

Using this base, a customer can order multiple different recipes and the [Ingredients] table will automatically calculate how much of each recipe is needed to fulfill the orders, and whether there is enough of that ingredient in the [Inventory].

I haven’t thought through your packaging component. If you describe it in more detail I might be able to adjust the table to accommodate it.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@Kamille_Parks - thats an awesome solution, Ive just had a quick tinker and its going to work really nicely. I would never have thought to seperate the recipe and the recipe builder, thats cool. One question - on the Recipe Ingredients table, far left column, you have them grouped… how did you arrange this? It would work so well for us, because we can add as many ingredients as we want and they would list down. This then allows you to see the individual quantities for inventory deduction and ordering.

In terms of liquid handling its actually quite similar. Its just in reverse. I need to show where a defined ammount of liquid has gone. Namely in different types of packages. This can then be put into a report… So container A holds 100 and containter B holds .3 , based on popularity we change how we package. This also effects stock of the containers as an example.

Thanks for this, great feedback.