Question about Chrome extension permissions in Web clipper block

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4 - Data Explorer

The Web clipper block has an accompanying Airtable web clipper Chrome extension.

I would love to try it out, but I haven’t dared to yet.

To be able to install the extension, you naturally need to accept the set of permissions it requires to operate, but with the current set of permissions it asks for, Airtable gets access to absolutely everything in my browsing history, including all the content in all the tabs, online banking, web based chat apps, etc.


I might be mistaken here, but from the description of features that the web clipper enables, it sounds like it would only need full access to the current tab that the user is on when they invoke the extension.

The API for full access to the current tab is available at:

Is changing to use that permission something the Airtable team would be open to?

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