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4 - Data Explorer


I’m new at his… I’m wondering if anyone uses airtable for managing lease/contracts? I’m looking for a tool where I can monitor monthly payments from tenants, insert all expenses to provide my customers an insight on their real income from their real estate.

I found a template for lease tracker, which is a good start, But I would like to add banktransactions, link them to the tenant, and get an overview of:

  • overdue rent
  • expenses per unit

don’t know how to get started on that…


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Hi and welcome @Vanessa_Bruyndoncx!

Yes! That can easily be done. I recently created a base similar to that for someone else. Have you tried looking through the templates? Do you already have this information in a spreadsheet? If so, you can import (or copy/paste) it into Airtable and tweak it from there.

Here’s a link of three property databases that might provide some inspiration. Airtable

Shout if you need any help along the way. This group is filled with awesome people looking to give others a helping hand.