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6 - Interface Innovator

How are the fields in the expanded record ordered? Can I reorder them? (I know how to hide them, but I’d like to reorder).

I’d like to order them based on how our users feel entering data makes the most sense (which is not how the base I inherited is ordered).


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Hi @Lauren_Anderson - you can change the order of fields in the expanded record by changing the order in the underlying table. Grab hold of a column header in the view and drag it left or right as needed.

If you want to optimise the layout for user entering data only, then you could also create a form for the table where you can re-order the input forms without changing the order in the underlying table.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! I figured the order of the columns was how the expanded record was ordered, but for some reason it didn’t seem that way. I think it’s because the base I inherited has 20+ columns with many hidden ones. I’m working on making it more user-friendly. :slightly_smiling_face:

The underlying table is ordered the way I want the boxes to appear, but the expanded entry in the linked table is not in the same order. Any additional help? Thanks so much!

Oh! It’s because I hid the “All Content” view at the bottom of the list of views so folks who would be overwhelmed by it wouldn’t see it. So it was ordered according to the top view.

can you elaborate on this. I dont see how to make the expanded entry in the linked table match that of the original table?