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Recent change to default date format?

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I am by no means new to Airtable, and very few things have left me stumped in my 2+ years building Airtable bases. However, I’ve noticed recently that in my “Friendly” date columns, the date is being displayed as follows:

6 January, 2020

Instead of how it used to display:

January 6, 2020

Is this a setting that I’ve unknowingly changed or has Airtable updated the format to this setting in the Date column options?

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The date/time region on your computer has changed. The “friendly” format pulls from your computer’s system settings. On the Mac, this is located in System Preferences > Language & Region. I don’t know where it is on Windows.

Thanks for your suggestion! Without changing any system settings, the issue seems to have sorted itself out. Very bizarre!

Okay, looks like I jumped the gun on that one. The Airtable desktop app on my Macbook Pro displays the correct date format, however when I use Airtable in Firefox it’s still showing the incorrect date format. The date settings in the “Language & Region” on my computer are what they should be so I’m not sure where Firefox is pulling this date format setting from.