Record Updating with Multiple Dates

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a table that I would like to show when certain things were done in each Apartment. For example, when we painted it or replaced the fridge etc.

I have the formulas to insert the date these things occurred. At first, I used IF(Paint=BLANK(), BLANK(), TODAY()) but that would update the records every day. I then thought IF(Paint=BLANK(), BLANK(), LAST_MODIFIED_TIME()); however, I just went to one suite to say we just painted (we finished today) but the fridge date also updated to the last modified time.

Let’s use 701 as an example. Below shows the fridge was replaced 4/6/2021 but as soon as I say we painted all dates will update



Is there a way to keep the dates as is and up date only when the column in the formula is updated and not the entire record?

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