Recording golf practice at range

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I’m wanting to create something that I can use at the driving range when I’m playing golf. Typically I would take a club and hit 20 shots with it. There are a range of outcomes, e.g. straight, left, right, fat, thin or shank. After each shot I want to select the outcome, either with a checkbox, or the single select function. After 20 shots I will change to a different club and hit another batch of shots, also recording the outcomes. This may continue for 2 or 3 more clubs. At the end of the session, I would now have hit 100 shots with possible 5 different clubs, and it would then be useful to be able to view the data per session (as a whole), or per club. E.g. 60% straight, 30% left and 10% thin. This would give an indication of where to focus on for the next session.

I imagine the session record (if I’m using the right terminology) would be linked to a date. I can then create new records for every session, and track improvement over time.

Is this something Airtable can do or am I better off just using a plain old spreadsheet?


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