Reducing image size when uploading from phone/tablet

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello, we have some inspectors out in the field and have recently upgraded their tablets and phones. Previously (on their older devices) the images they would upload were 1mb or less, wouldn’t take long to upload and wouldn’t use too much data. Now that we have upgraded (ipad mini’s and galaxy s10 for example) the photos are generally 5mb+ causing longer upload times and using all the data very quickly.

Does anyone have ideas about how to make the photo quality lower? We don’t need high resolution photos. We have tried adjusting the resolution in the camera apps but they don’t go anywhere as small as the previous devices.

I know there are ways to reduce the image size/quality after the photo is taken with other apps etc but that’s not really practical if they are taking 10-20 photos an hour and need to line the photos up with some other data when inputting into airtable.

thank you in advance for any ideas.

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