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Remove Bulk Group By Email

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I have my main contact database in Airtable, and I’m using Zapier to update the information when we get new registrations in other apps as well. It all works great, but I’m looking to remove a bulk list of inactive people based on our email list. I pulled a CSV from MailChimp and I want to remove those people from my Airtable contacts. Is there a way to segment out that group to bulk remove them from my main list?

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Hi @Sarah_Inman,
I am sure I could find a way to do this in Airtable, but a spreadsheet app would be the fastest (for me at least).

Export your entire contacts list from Airtable. Open in excel (or google sheet), bring in the MailChimp CSV, vlookup on email matches, Delete non-matches, reimport the file to replace contacts.