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4 - Data Explorer

So I have a little project Im working on currently, Currently im using the Zendesk Beta and im trying to utilize the “Assignee” which is email addresses. I want to have a formula that can replace the email address that’s in the assignee to another table that has my employees names (also includes their email) so I can have a formula that replaces the data with that name instead of an email (I know you cant edit Sync Sources thought this would be best bet type of solution). Any help would be awesome im fairly new to AirTable still learning some of its tricks and features.

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you can try adding a Link field connected to your Table 2, then use an Automation triggered when an email address in the Sync Table changes and set it to Find Records in Table 2 that match the email field in your Synced Table. Then use the resulting list of matching record ids to link the corresponding employees with an Update Record step.

That doesnt work. Ive tried that approach

As in “it produces an error” or “does not do what I want”? I use a similar method and it works for me.

more on the lines of It doesnt do what i want. The automation doesnt give me the option I want to utilize

Please explain what about the solution is lacking. Screenshots would be helpful.