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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Is anyone using the Resource Allocation Template, or is there a explainer video on how to use it? It looks awesome, but it's overwhelming. I'm not sure where to start. 

Regarding how to set up that whole process, I'm unsure how to even begin setting an amount of time required to complete a given task. We have a work order that comes in for a design task. It may take 8 hours... no problem, I can assess that and assign a time of 8 hours. But that job then comes in and out numerous times for varying degrees of revisions. Those revisits don't require 8 hours each, so I'm unclear how to best set the time duration so that it's properly allocated once the initial job goes out the door.

Any insights on how to start using the amazing new Resource Allocation template is appreciated!!

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