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Rolling up with Two Fields

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I have Table (Pay Records) that is a list of records of when we pay staff. The table has a linked record to a Pay Month table which is a list of months/year (Dec 2020, Jan 2021, etc…). A Staff can have more than 1 Pay Record for a month.

In the Pay Month table, I have a record for Dec 2020, for example, and the linked field to Pay Records has mulitple records, which are all records in Pay Records paid in Dec 2020. This is all corect.

I would like to have a list of Staff and a Rollup of their pay, as some staff could be paid more than once in Dec 2020.

Any advise on how to achieve this? Super thanks in advance.

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Maybe a little more specific from my side: I would like to have a list of Staff and a rollup of how much each got paid, for each month.

So far, I can create a Rollup field for all amount paid, to all staff, for a specific month. But cnanot get around to figuring out how to list each staff and a rollup amount for a each month.