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4 - Data Explorer


I’m a self employed sales manager. I use Airtable to organise my seminars and contacts. In the Contact tab i have a row called Status. This is a dropdown menu with the options Succes, Lost, No contact.
I want to count in my seminar tab how many leads are a Succes.
What formula do i use?
Rollup: Contacts
Field: Status
Formula: ?

Thanks in advance!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Do you need this as a column for something? You can accomplish this using a column summary if you make a view that groups by Status.

(I assume you mean that in your Contact table there is a field [or column] called ‘Status’, which is a single select field with three options.)

In your Contacts table, create a new field called ‘Success’. Make it a formula field with this formula:

IF(Status = "Success","Y","")

In the Seminar table, create a rollup field called ‘TotalSuccesses’ with this configuration:

Table to summarize: Contact
Field to roll up: Success
Aggregation function: COUNTA(values)

That will give you a count of successful contacts resulting from each seminar.

This worked, thank you!