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Running a project I did not create

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I have found this project:GitHub - drewwestphal/airtable_shipping

I want to run it to see how it works. It is possible to run this project given I did not create it?

If so, how?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe remixing: Airtable Blocks SDK?

Running block init app9Pr1uE8ay3xVFl/blkzrGYW3jJAcb0YD --template= airtable_shipping gets this error

  ~/git/AiRTABLE  block init app9Pr1uE8ay3xVFl/blkzrGYW3jJAcb0YD --template= airtable_shipping
Downloading template... done
Extracting template... done
Installing dependencies... Error
 ›   Warning: ❌ Something failed! Cleaning up...
    Error: Process exit with error 1

Is there a way to determine what the error is? Something failed is not very helpful. The app build on my machine but cant get it to run in a base. Is there a way to do that?