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I am a Business Development Office for a credit union and the majority of my time is spent in the field. Upon completion of my meeting with a client, i go into the Performance Summary section in AirTable, on my phone, and key in the highlights of our conversation.

In a lot, maybe 25%, of instances, this information will not be saved. I am not certain if this is a WiFi issue as I am in some rural areas on occasion.

Has anyone experienced this issue? In reading through some posts it’s my understanding there is no “Save” button and entries will be automatically saved upon exit. That has not been the case for me in quite a few instances.

Please let me know if this experience has happened and what you did to resolve.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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hi @James_Strong,
I never hit such an issue, so do not have a go-to solution. However, I could advise trying to use a form instead of adding the records directly in Airtable in a view. It takes possibly a bit longer, but if you do it that way, you are then sure that when you submit the form and the submission is successful, the record is saved correctly.

When setting up bases for clients and dealing with forms, I also like to add pre-filled form links: adding such links to your client table linked to the Performance Summary table could make your form-filling work even faster/easier.

Hope this helps!

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