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Scripting defaults error userInputStartTime

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Using Scripting app to set default values.

I set a default value and click Done I get the error,
j: userInputStartTime
at start on line 352

No matter which field I set I receive the error. Is there a webpage that shows the steps to a solution? I see others have experienced the same issue but have not found a solution.


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What script are you using? It is almost impossible to diagnose scripting issues without seeing the actual code.

Yup, though this does happen to be a pretty specific error that as far as I know, only pops up for a couple of unhandled promise rejections concerning built-in input methods.

Only easy way to reproduce it that comes to mind:

await input.recordAsync('',base.getTable(cursor.activeTableId))

Click the ‘select a record button’, then click anywhere outside of the pop-up area.

Every other scenario I encountered is super-convoluted, so either something is seriously wrong with the code or something is seriously wrong with the code because the built-in input methods are all asynchronous and React is pretty capable at handling all but the craziest of edge cases… well, plus the aforementioned one.

Image of error

App: Scripting
To activate: Run → Configure Defaults → “table name” → Grid view → Date

I set Date to now
I click “Next”
I make no other changes
I click Done

Error message:
j: userInputStartTime
at start on line 352

Scripting code looks for 'now" for today’s date (line 141 and 142):
}else if(type === ‘date’ || type === ‘dateTime’){
value = value.trim().toLowerCase() === ‘now’ ? new Date().toISOString() : value