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Scroll Bars Not Functioning

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RE: Scroll Bars Not Functioning

Scroll bars are not functioning on mobile desktop web browser mode. Whether in Chromium or FF neither scroll bars are functioning. The cannot be accessed. So there’s no way to scroll horizontal. In the Airtable mobile app, the mobile is entirely limited, dysfunctional making it useless. So obviously Airtable wasn’t developed with mobile coding and is restricted, to laptops. This is irritating, to be on mobile technologies, on the road working on a database build only to find out it needs a laptop! What pisses me off is at this point I might as well use MS Access. Can you fix this or not?

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Same issue, I have the iPad Pro 12.9 and even if I use request desk top version the scroll bars on the table view do not work and the app is so limited

This means I have to revert to desktop version only :frowning:

Working on a DB using a IPad, and doing so through a browser. Sometimes I can scroll the screen left or right, so that I can see all my tables, but most times not. Which way am I ‘pose to hold my mouth to do this correctly? :sweat_smile:

I would also like to know how to do this. I use the browser so I can view my groups on a iPad but scrolling is a mystery to me.

2 years later…looking for the same answer? Has anyone found an answer to this?

same problem
none fix it

Weird no one has fixed this. Must be a pretty simple fix you would have thought. I wanted to have forms open and different table views open in separate tabs in my ipad browser (each view set to the desktop version of the site). Of course I might have been able to set up something similar in the app if I could use forms (as oppose to design forms) there. But this bug has stuffed this option.

My scrollbars have completely disappeared.

Well it is interesting that no one has responded to this question. Is this forum working or not. I have an iPad that works fine but another that doesn’t allow scrolling. I would love to understand why this is happening. More importantly It would be nice to understand why no one is at least responding with Known Bug no fix if that is the case.

This is a community forum where Airtable users help other Airtable users. The Airtable team only occasionally pops into these forums from time-to-time. To reach the Airtable support team directly, you will want to email them directly at