semicolon separator instead of comma into rollup field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello All

I send automated SMS to a list of contacts that is present into another table with the lookup function.

My problem is the phone numbers are displayed with a coma as a separator (see picture below) and my sms provider does not recognise it. I would need to have  semicolons instead of commas 


Can you please help me with the syntax in case I would have some formula / rollup ?

thank you


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Use a rollup instead of a lookup. Use the aggregation formula 

ARRAYJOIN(values, ";")


However, you should also be aware that the commas do not really exist in the lookup field. They are for display purposes only. For example, if you put the lookup value in a formula field concatenated with other text, the commas will disappear. Depending on how you are sending the lookup value to your sms system, those commas might not be getting sent.