Sending email to a single customer based on missing information

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We have an Airtable base set up to receive information from JotForm. The form will collect emails from every submission; sometimes the submission is missing components to make it a complete application.

We would like to notify this customer, with the incomplete application, what is missing by sending them an email copy of their record. If we right-click and select ‘Send Record’, the way bottom part of the message has a ‘View in Airtable’ link. We can not send these to the customers because they will try to request access to our workspace.

Is there a reliable way to send a single record to a customer without having this link embedded? The SendGrid app only appears to be able to send to whole columns, and it just seems tedious to single out a record, enter it into a view, and send the email that way.

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Welcome to the community, @Alex_Kim!

Sure, you could use Airtable’s new automations feature to automatically send an email to someone when a new record is created in your system (or whenever a record meets other criteria that you specify).

You would just need to construct the body of your email message to include all the fields that you would like to include within your automated email.

Here is some good documentation on the new automations feature:

And, here are links to a recent webinar that Airtable did on Automations:

Sample base used in webinar:

Once you start setting up your automation, if you have specific questions about areas where you’re getting stuck, feel free to ask those specific questions here!

Also, if you have a budget for your project, there are many expert Airtable consultants here in the forums (such as myself) who can be hired to help you as well! (You can always send me a private message or contact me through my website at