Set Airtable Table to On2Air like a Table Dashboard

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I am trying to setup a form on On2Air, that looks like a Dashboard and contains all the data from an Airtable table. I tried to follow online tutorials I found on YouTube, but I seem to be getting nowhere. 

I have a base, call it ABC, a table, call it Inventory. In the table there is a field/column for Client Name, where I now have two distinct values, call them Client A and Client B. I would like to be able to share a link of the "Dashboard" on On2Air to Client A so that only Client A can see their own data and share a link with Client B so that only Client B can see their own data. This should be displayed as a table view, so that each client can only see the data that belongs to them, but they will also need to be able to update one date field/column called Pickup and be able to submit that for that specific row.

There is nothing special added to the table. It has data such as prices, dates, other costs, etc., but nothing is linked. It is simply just a plain inventory table. 

When I follow the tutorial here ( it shows that I need 2 different tables to accomplish this. But I don't have two tables and for that reason, since I don't have linked records, I do not get extra options on On2Air to select my Field Display Options, so that I can add all my fields to display them like a table. 

How do I go about to set this up in Airtable, so that I can easily create my form on On2Air to accomplish this? Must I create another table, and if so, how do I get it to automatically duplicate and be able to update all items from the original table? 

I wish I could just create a On2Air form, select Client Name on it somewhere, select my source table to Inventory, Client Name would then automatically show on top of the Dashboard, then go to Field Display Options, and just select all the fields from Inventory and they would all show in a table format. I would select Update Only, and set each field except Pickup to be non-editable. On the share link, it would be something like{ClientID_of_Client_A} which I could use to create{ClientID_of_Client_B} and then set it somewhere to only have the link to work when a ClientID has been specified. would not work on it's own. ClientID would be a unique ID generated somewhere that links to something like """ SELECT * FROM Inventory WHERE `ClientID` = "{ClientID}" """

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