Setting Up a Filter So Records From "Today" remain after 8PM ET

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Hey All,

I have a question about filters. Basically, I have records that have start and end time fields. To keep things neat and tidy, I have the main view set to only show records with a start time of “On or After Today.” This works until we hit 8PM ET (12AM GMT), when Airtable decides that, internally, it is the next day because it is on GMT time. This is an issue because evening events disappear from view with this filter.

Is there a way to set up a filter so that these records will remain until it is the next day in terms of ET instead of GMT?

Thank you!

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Hi @Ryan_Gilmore ,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

I would assume you aren’t the one setting those filters? Use the “Show Timezone” toggle in the field and you should be able to see it. This would happen if you have the “Use Same Timezone for Everybody” on

I would start with @Mohamed_Swellam’s suggestion above.

If that doesn’t meet your needs (primarily because you will need to go back and adjust the time of all your old records), then you may just need to solve this by creating a formula field that forces your time into your desired time zone. Something like this would do the trick:



  'M/D/YYYY h:mma'),

  'M/D/YYYY h:mma')

For even more time zone tricks, you can check out my time zone base in the Airtable Universe: