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Setting up a system in Airtable with various tables

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HI all - First time on this asking for advice, hoping I’m doing this correctly!
I’m creating a database for crew members doing Covid testing schedules for a movie production coming up. I for some reason can’t wrap my head around how to set this up so that it’s great in Airtable.
Tons of crew members in various “Zones”. Depending on which Zone they’re in sets how many times they test. For example Crew person 1 is in Zone A and gets tested 3 times a week. Crew Person 2 in Zone B gets tested 1 time a week and Crew in Zone C get tested every 2 weeks. Trying to figure out how I can have the testing dates set up in a table and then when I put a zone A/B/C that person gets populated into the correct testing dates (ie: Zone A person gets put into every testing date, Zone B gets put into weekly testing date and Zone C into every other week testing date).
So I was hoping to have one table be grouped into all the testing dates for Feb (ie 2/10, 2/12, 2/15, 2/17, 2/19, etc). Then in another table I have list of all crew members names and info and I would put in what Zone they are in. Now depending on what zone they are they need to populate back into the other table under the correct dates… Zone A gets into every testing date, Zone B only the Monday testing dates and ZOne C into every other week.
Is this done by linking table records or is it more complicated with a formula or ‘if/then’ type of thing?
Thank you!

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