Setting up an auto-feed through table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there. I have a work tracker and a table lifting all of my tasks. Next to the tasks I have a Single select column listing the status of teh task as ‘Completed’ ‘In progress’ or ‘Not started’. I would like to add an extra table purely for Completed tasks. and set it up in a way so that when I categorize a task as ‘Completed’ it automatically feeds through to the ‘Completed tasks’ table, and then hides it from the main ‘Tasks’ table. Please could someone explain how to do this? I’ve done this once before but can’t remember how. Thanks

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I think you may just want to create extra views in your current table. Just create a new view called “Completed Tasks” and filter it to only show you completed tasks. Back on your main view, just filter it to show you non-completed tasks.