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Hi there, we’re new to Airtable and i have just helped one of our departments setup a workspace which is using a form to capture information via a shareable link. My question is around security, is there any sort of captcha so the form isn’t flooded with bots? Also, i don’t see where i can set an expiry to the form (say for a week or month), is that an option? Thank you

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I have several public forms across my various Airtable bases, and I’ve never had a single bot submission – is that an issue with your forms?

Hi Jeremy, no not at all - we havent posted it publicly yet. I do have a WAF which filters traffic to our website and most bots arise from our post method forms online, so i am always concerned around bots, just asking is all. My guess is there isnt a captcha you know of?

Nope, there is no Captcha or other bot blockers, and there is no ability to set an expiry on a form either.

You can use another form service, and feed the results into Airtable, though.

Thanks Jeremy, looks like there’s an extension app in the marketplace to support captcha. Thanks for the help! Here’s the link to it.