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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All

I have downloaded airtable and it looks great, I have used an existing template, and now created some individual Gantt views I wish to share with specific team members. All that has gone well except that they cannot see the gantt table because of the following error message
“Start date field is hidden or invalid”

If I select the option “share all fields in expanded records” then this error goes away, BUT unfortunately this then means they are not seeing only the targeting records relvant to them as I have selected but instead all the grouped records become expanded making their gantt view huge and also then not matching the gantt view as I see it.

In addition the expanded records are listed in reverse alphabetical order which also doesnt match the Gantt as I have created it in my Base

How can I get around this?


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hi @philip_thomas,
would you be able to provide a quick video (with loom or another recording software) showing the problem in action or ideally sharing the link to the base directly? I would then be able to help you as I would see exactly how the issue is coming up in your specific use case.

Calendly: Calendly - Alessio Monino

Hi Alessio
Thanks for your offer of help

I don’t think a video will add more information and the content is confidential .

Basically if I try to share my Gantt view via a private link, it wont share unless I select "Show all fields in expanded records’. If i do this it shares but it then expands all my grouped records

(I am trying to share with an individual colleague a view of some specific records I want him to see not every single record)

any advice?