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Simple but hard - merge two content field, like the & in excel

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Seems simple but I am struggle.
i have the adress of my website on one colum lile
Column D :
I have some slug in another on like
Column E : - “page1/” on row 1, “tomato/” on row 2

I want to display in one colum the
sum of the two, like D & E.

I know it’s basic, but I haven’t found so far…
I was thinking I need roll up, but it say “You need a link field to create a rollup. Create the link field before configuring this rollup field.”.
And I don’t get it ( maybe because I am french).

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Seems like you need a Formula field.

Use a formula like this:

{Column D} & '/' & {Column E}
or just
{Column D} & {Column E}
if the forward slash is already accounted for in your slug field.

Thx you so much for your prompt reply.
I have just tried, and I have an error.
I then try to do a realy basic formula, and I still have the same message.
I put in copy the screen and the formula.
Can you help ?Image1

Well apparently none of your columns are actually named ‘Column D’, so there’s your problem lol

When inputting content from another cell, put the name of the column in brackets (i.e. {Notes}). When just inputting text, put it in quotes (i.e. "this is some text")

Wooh impressive how reactive, you are.
No it’s not the problem, see below… i select the name of the column in the drop down menu to avoir mistake while typing.prob

As said before, if its part of the name of a column then it goes in brackets. If its text you want to appear in the output put it in quotes.

Either delete the word column or put it in quotes.