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Syncing with Google Sheets on Free Plan

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I am about to ask the impossible.

  • I am looking to sync from Google Sheets to Airtable.
  • I have a free Airtable plan. I am not looking to upgrade.
  • I cannot use apps, I have a free plan.
  • I am not part of some large company. I am an individual person, trying to share my hobby stuff using Airtable.
  • I am looking for free solutions.
  • I tried using IFTTT (I have a Pro account), but the Airtable record creation will not work for some reason.
  • I looked up, but you cannot sync from Google Sheets to Airtable (at least on a free plan). I could only select Google Sheets or Excel to sync to.
  • I could use and Airtable automation, but I only get 100 per month and I need those for another community database project.
  • I do not know how to write or run code. The only languages I know are HTML and CSS.

There is a need to make a database of free resources. :frowning:

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