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This base is temporarily unavailable

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Why are my bases unavailable - its been a few hours now.


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I just got the same message! Never seen this before. 

Happened to me as well. I tried signing out and signing in again and it came back operational. Hope it helps.

Have had the same problem this morning with 2 of my bases. One fixed itself for a while, but has just started showing the warning again!

Its now been about 4 hours and is starting to cost us lost business.

The dont event mention they're having issues - no idea how to contact them.

Same issue with me. Just on one base of my 10+. It is a pro-plan base. This is very concerning. 

Same here!!! I'm so nervous right now, it never happened before. Anyone knows how to get in touch with them via live chat? 


I tweeted them but no response. 


Same here! Need this to correct itself ASAP! 😤

I submitted a help request through Help and Message Support. I hope they fix it and fast!




My base just started working again! Anyone else?

Yes. Back to life! Now I am backing it up! Can we rely on Airtable? This is very concerning. 

Same as you, my base also started working again!

Although an outage is a concern, I'm slightly excited in wondering what new feature they *may* have added? 😅

Airtable wrote to apologize. There was a back-end database issue. It would have been much better (for me at least) if their Status page indicated there was an issue, as opposed to me thinking my 6 years of work, were lost and only me and a small handful of others (you) were experiencing this. I'm happy it's resolved but not overly pleased about how it was handled. 

Hey, I had a similar issue. Did it resolve itself? 

Try to hard reset. Command + Shift + R 🙂 It works for me. 

Airtable fixed the issue. 

It was a database issue not a local issue. 

This issue happened to  be today, January 18, 2023.  It came back in about 5 minutes.  But... it was super scary.  Would love to know what it means and if there is a potential of this happening again. If anyone from team Airtable can chime, in, it would be greatly appreciated by your loyal users 😊