Time Issues in Airtable

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am working on generating some automatic emails through Zapier to confirm a time set in Airtable.

I have the date field set up to display time as well and am using a formula field to format a message using the date field values.

For some reason, when I use DATETIME_FORMAT({Scheduled Installation}, ‘HH:MM’), the time returned is showing a different number than what is displayed in my date field.

For instance, I currently have the time in my date field set to 1:30am, but the formula field is returning 1:11.

Any guesses? Also, when I toggle off ‘Use the same time zone…’, the time changes to 6:11.

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The format specifier 'HH:MM' is saying ‘format the date and time as 0 to 24 hours, a colon, and a two-digit representation of the month.’ All November dates will show as ##:11.

What you want is 'HH:mm' using a 24-hour clock or 'hh:mm' for a 12-hour clock. :winking_face:

annnd…deleting this post. lol.

Not enough coffee this morning, apparently.

If I wasn’t neck-deep in moving boxes, I would have taken the time to track down and link to my earlier bug report where I made a similar complaint. It’s an easy problem to catch — the second time around. :winking_face: