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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m working on a trouble ticket table that keeps track of support for our users. I want to be able to track when a box was checked. So I have a “Followed up” checkbox field and I’d like to track the time from when the record was created to when the box is checked. I’m pretty sure I know how to figure out the difference in time with a formula but I’m having a hard time getting the timestamp of the box being checked. I can see the time in the expanded history view but there’s no way to reference it as far as I can see.

Any help or workarounds are appreciated!

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Yeah, at that point it’s faster to just manually enter a timestamp. At this point we’d kill for even just the functionality of ⌘-; which we can use in Google Sheets.

Sorry for taking so long to get back!

I ended up using Keyboard Maestro for iOS to insert the date, I use it for other record updates so I was easy to code this to do it.



Know of a Mac OS equivalent?

Sorry I meant Mac OS

Thanks. I bought a copy of Keyboard Maestro. What’s you config for timestamp population?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Already +1 the “Modified date” feature
So we only have two current solutions WITHIN Airtable:

  1. Manually enter the timestamp with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl; Sets the selected date/datetime field to now (see
  2. Use the linked table and Rollup feature: use the MAX formula on the date field. Only for “last date entered” which brings us back to option 1…

This is now finally a part of Airtable! Yay! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any modification date/time field now has the ability to ONLY be updated when a certain field (or fields) are updated. Great addition to Airtable.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to throw my two cents into this convo.
My use case required a field to measure how long it took from the creation of the record to when a field was filled in.

My solution can work for any field type. Here it is.


Two Tables. Table 1 is where the field will be filled in. Table 2 is where the timestamp will be created.
A Created Time Field in Table 1- This is when the record was created
A Created Time Field in Table 2- This is when the Field was Filled In
A {Field} in Table 1- This is the field we want to add a timestamp to.
A {Forumla} in Table 1- This tells us how long it took to fill in the field
A Linked Record Field in Table 1 that links to Table 2- This keeps the data for each record separate
A Lookup Field in Table 1 that pulls the Created Time- This pulls in the timestamp to Table 1

When Record Match a Condition
Table 1
When {Field} is not Empty

Action 1:
Create a Record
Table 2

Record (Step 1: Trigger)
Record ID

// This creates a record in a new table with the record ID as the name of the record that the field was filled in for Table 1. Thus the Created Field in Table 2 is the Time that the Field in Table 1 was Filled in.

Action 2:
Update Record
Table 1
Record ID
(Step 1: Trigger) Record ID

Linked Record Field
Record (Step 2: Create record)
Record ID

// This automatically links the Table 1 record with the Record in Table 2.

Now the Look-up field will pull the Created Time from the linked record and display it in Table 1. You now have a timestamp for when the Field was filled in.

Part Two:
Duration of Table 1 Record Creation until Field was Filled in

Formula Field:
DATETIME_DIFF({Quoted Timestamp},Created)

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey Jacob!

I know it's been 6 years since you opened the topic, but I'm new around here and found here because I had the same doubt as you did when I was creating a table to organize all studies. 

I wanted to, as the box was checked, the time to be shown at the next field. 

And, after some bumps and researches, came to this solution: 


IF({Start}=1,DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE((LAST_MODIFIED_TIME({Start})), 'America/Sao_Paulo'),'H:mm'),0)



Most likely you don't need this anymore, but this might help others in the community. =D

Best vibes.