Tracking student progress and saving past progress

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello all, I’m a total newbie and looking for a solution for tracking the progress of our swim school’s students.

We have 10 levels, each with about 10 skills that students work on concurrently throughout the term.

I need to be able to link a given student to one of our 10 levels, and to the teacher giving that student their lessons. Ideally, only the teacher of that student should be able to make changes to the student progress. They would do this by changing the % grade for each skill in the student’s level.

So, I guess I upload the 10 levels, and the 10 skills per level. I upload a list of students showing what level they are working on, and who is their teacher.

Is there a way to:
a) keep track of past progress - ie, not just show that a student is now on 88%, but that last week he was on 74%, 66% the week before, etc?
b) automate a change to a student being graded on a higher level, once a set percentage has been reached by the student in all the skills in that level?
c) automate some kind of email notification to a student’s parent to let them know when their kid’s progress has been marked? And is there a way to make this look pretty?

Sorry if that’s a lot, I’ve been playing with multiple platforms to try and do this and it’s a bit overwhelming. And thanks in advance for any help!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello Susan !

I guess you are not familiar with ERD Design but, let’s present it in a few words.
It’s a way to represent the different entities (and relations between them) that we need to interact with.

Here is the ERD Design for your project, please tell me if you need further explanation on this.


The “top” part is what you explicitly explained. The “bottom” part (under dashed line) is what you try to achieve in point a).
The [Skills] table will keep the different skills required to achieve a level.
The [SkillsGrade] table will hold all the progress of students. Each grade will be linked to one skill and to one student.

Point B) is possible too, with Airtable Automation or using external tools. (Integromat or Zapier)

Point C) is the same as point B, you need an automation tool to achieve this, either the Airtable Automation tool or external ones. Yes it’s possible to make it pretty, you can send template e-mails using dedicated tools (like Sendgrid).

Anyway, I would suggest you to design the Airtable Base first, see if you can get all the information you need and then automate it.

Do not hesitate to reply in this topic if you need more help regarding Base Set-up or Automation.

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