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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am curious to know what kind of impact the upcoming November 2022 update regarding attachments will have on my AirTable functionality. We have multiple columns which include URL links to Dropbox Folders where we store a specific asset depending on the link selected. I am having a hard time understanding if the future update will, or will not, have an effect on our AirTable continuing to function. Unfortunately, we will need to abandon AirTable if it does. Any insight is appreciated.

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No, the update has nothing to do with that.

Can you clarify what types of attachments this is pertaining to? I’m a bit of a novice in this tech space and am hoping for a simple man’s explanation of what the real impact will be so I can ensure there is nothing else I’m missing… Maybe an example would help clarify.

There is an attachment field type in Airtable. Are you uploading files into the attachment field type?