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I wanted to know if it is possible to update an HTML template based on the content present in each row of Airtable.

So my goal is that I want to create multiple HTML pages but I only want the certain content of the HTML such as text to get updated based on contents present in the row. More like Mailchimp wherein the content will get updated based on the user.

The goal here is that I want to share this with some potential clients/users to feed in information. Based on the information that they enter I want to update the markup at certain areas of a pre-existing HTML template.

So each line item will correspond to one HTML page markup. So if the client fills up 10 lines then I want to generate 10 different HTML content

Thank you for your help

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Georgio,

it is definitely possible, however the challenge lies in triggering your HTML to update after your clients create rows/records. Basically because Airtable does not have Webhook integration yet, you have to resort to long-polling or using Zapier as the integration tool.

It might be useful for us to know what kind of technology stack you are using to render the HTML pages, ie. are they static pages or web app with server running.

Thanks for the swift response.

  1. I do not want it to be updated in real time. I can work with running it manually.
  2. The web pages are static.

So basically once I am satisfied with the information added in the sheet, based on the lines, I want to update certain fields in the markup. So for every line of information, there will be an HTML generated.

Example the sheet has 10 lines and the header of the row are something is Header | Content | Choices
Then my output will be 10 different HTML pages, each page content changed to reflect the data present in Header | Content | Choices

I hope this clears my concern.