Upload Date & Month from Excel file turns the order of date& month reversed in Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi folks, I am new to Airtable and encounter a problem when I upload date & month from Excel file to Airtable, the order of date & month reversed in the Airtable. Anyone has experienced the same or have solution for this? Because apparently it affects my automation related with trigger number of days in Airtable. Thanks!

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hi @People_System,
I have encountered such problem a few times when the format of the Airtable date field is not the same as the one of your excel file (you can set the Airtable date fields to different timezones e.g. local, US). If that is the case, Airtable might be swapping the day and the month of the dates you are copying over.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Alessio_Monino, thanks for replying!

Does that mean if the date setting of excel different with Airtable, the Airtable will always re-format the date? e.g. excel date DD/MM/YYYY then automatically becomes MM/DD/YYYY (assume this is the Airtable date setting).

Originally I have my excel date setting in DD-MM-YYYY but then I re-format it to MM/DD/YYYY using Text formula in excel file. When I import the data, it seems Airtable read it in MM/DD/YYYY, so no issue on this.

However, when I download CSV file, somehow some of date setting are left aligned in the cell (text format), and some are right aligned in the cell (date format). When I use the downloaded file to re-upload into Airtable, that’s when the right aligned date in Excel swapped in Airtable, while the left aligned date in Excel is fine.

For me, it is strange it can occur that way and moreover, maybe it affects my automation in which the trigger is number of days from now (30 days/14 days/3 days) and action is to send email. The automation does not run for the date like what I expect.

I fix the swapped date manually and seems automation is running back normal and I thought it is correct solution for this but then I encounter the same problem again with my automation is not running again. The weird thing is when I test the automation manually, it works.

What do you think about it?