Use form submitted data to link to record?

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4 - Data Explorer

Is there a way (whether through an integration or within Airtable) that I can use a user’s submitted text data to link to a record in another table? I can’t have a normal “link to record” field on the form because then the form user can see all records. I need to use their submitted answer to link to a record without them being able to see all possible records that it could link to, if that makes sense.

Example: a table of secret organizations and a table of people, with the form being a view of the table of people

Form question: Which secret organization are you in? (ask this without showing them choices for secret organizations but still use answer to link to a record of one of the organizations)

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Hi @Thomas_May,

This is not doable in a straight forward way. You can check this post by a 3rd party provider

Hiding possible link values from FORM user