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Hi there,

Simplified explained, I have a newsletter.

The email addresses and other user details are saved in Airtable. The content of the newsletter is generated with Airtable automations. I want to send a personalised email to the users asking them if they want to unsubscribe.

Rather than them needing to reply me to me via email I would like to add a button to that email if when clicked would update their status in the Airtable record to "unsubscribed".

Is this possible?

Thanks, Jakob

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One of the easiest ways to do this would be with a webhook from Make. The webhook will give you a permanent URL that you can use. Be sure to create a formula in your table that gives everyone a customized version of that URL that includes their Airtable record ID. (for example, the final URL might look something like this:, which would be a formula like this in Airtable:

"" & RECORD_ID()

Then, you can use the Airtable modules in Make to change their status, and you can give people a customized response in their web browser by using a webhook response in Make.