Viewing multiple calendars on one timeline (source is from sync and tables)

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone,

I've got 4-5 different calendars that I'd like to see in one place.

2 of the calendars are tables in the same base

2 are in other bases.

Is there a way that I can see all of these on the same Gantt or timeline or calendar view.

It is my understanding that I need to have all of the dates in the same table. I see how to sync the external tables into one table - let's call it the "master calendar table".

Here is where I get stuck - I'm not sure how can I sync the tables from my base into the "master calendar table." 

Is there a way to sync a table in the current base or create a new record in a synced table and use a look up field? 

Any other ideas on how to get all 4 tables showing up on one calendar. 


Is it possible to use an interface to see dates from multiple tables on one calendar? 

I like the 

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Hm, if I were you I'd create a brand new base and sync all four of those calendar tables into a single table in the new base instead; seems like the simplest way way

Thanks! I was thinking about that as a solution. I agree that would be easiest, but then we can't make edits to some of the tasks while viewing them. 

I think it would be better to have them all in the same base. 

Hm, within the same base I'd use automations to create a record in the "Master Calendar Table" for every record created in the other two tables in that base, and those records would be linked to the original record so that you could pull data over via lookup fields

You'd then have a formula field that would display the correct dates as needed depending on original record source.  That is to say, you would end up with two "Start Date" lookup fields, one from Table 1 and the other from Table 2, and you'd use this formula field to show the "Start Date" value from the lookup from Table 1 if its source record is from Table 1

I'm not sure how you would make edits though as they'd all be lookup fields though.  You could create new date fields and make an automation update the original records for you I guess?  For the tables from another table you'd need a script