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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am a professional resume writer. Up until now, I’ve kept a really (really) big Excel spreadsheet filled with keywords for 100+ professions and job titles. Here’s my dilemma - since job titles sometimes vary for the essentially the same role, is there a base where I can upload everything in a more searchable way? Does anyone have ideas?

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It sounds like you want to associate job titles with keywords.

You can create a new base with two tables and links between them.

For example:

Job Titles Table
Jobs        Keywords
----        --------
pianist:    reads music, piano
drummer:    reads music, drums
singer:     reads music, sings
guitarist:  reads music, guitar
songwriter: reads music, sings, piano

Keywords Table
Keyword        Jobs
-------        ----
reads music:   pianist, drummer, singer, guitarist, songwriter
piano:         pianist, songwriter
drums:         drummer
guitar:        guitarist
sings:         singer, songwriter

The first table Job Titles has one job title per row.
The second table Keywords has one keyword per row.

After you create both tables, create the link between them.
In the Job Titles table, create a new field.
Under Field Type, select Link to a record.
Under Link to Table, select the Job Titles table.
Under Relationship, allow linking to multiple records.

You can then copy paste information from your spreadsheet into the tabes (assuming that the spreadsheet has columns set up the same way).