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I have synced my calendar view to my outlook calendar, it is showing the event, the name of the event, date start & end times, but I need it to show all fields including venue and speaker, for example. All it shows is a URL to take me back to the Airtable base for more info.

In the Airtable calendar view, I have used the Customise Labels tab to show what fields I want to see when you expand a record. It says "This view is being used in a view share link", but 9 out of 12 fields are not showing in the outlook sync.

It's not really functional to have to go back into the Airtable calendar to see all event details when you are syncing it to outlook, otherwise I would just use the Airtable calendar in the first place. Let me know if there is something I am missing.


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I'm not aware of functionality that can help sync other fields into the external calendars, but my workaround for this involves just formatting the primary field to display all the data I want heh.  Not very pretty, but it works


Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 12.07.01 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 12.06.56 PM.png